LONIV Kft. is the distributor of inflatable water sports fun parks. The company also provides rental agreements for such parks.  The Company is registered in Hungary (an EU country), with proper legal and accounting background and accountability. Important aspects to consider in the business community!

Inflatable water sports fun parks are a new dimension in the game and sports field. It is a new innovation created by the merger of these two areas, and provides an entertainment earlier unknown. In addition to its several other benefits, the installation is very speedy, the size can be enlarged at any future time, new game units can be added, so the service can be renewed every year. Last, it is much cheaper than a normal water fun park, or normal sports facility, which require serious planning, technical design and construction. It can be operated at low costs, as no additional maintenance tasks need to carried out other than general air pressure checks, there’s no energy and technical maintenance cost! Our pricing structure is very competitive, 20-30% better than European competitors. In addition to normal size parks, we also distribute extreme size water sports fun parks, which is unique in the world.

The quality of our products meets the strictest safety requirements! EN 15649, TÜV-SÜD.

We have a special offer for a risk-free, investment-free business opportunity with a rental agreement, solely based on sales revenue, about which you can find more information under the section “Parks for rent”.