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We are the sole distributor for Extreme size fun parks within the EU!

Minimum age limit for park users: 14 years old.

We would like to highlight again that normal size fun parks are not only for children! Regardless of age, the park can be used by teenagers and adults as well, since they are fun and enjoyable. They may look very easy, however, they prove to be challenging when tested. The obstacle course, crossing the ladder, the bridges, climbing up to the slides, or to the icecap etc. requires concentration, balance, and physical strength. In normal size parks the normal height of the largest elements are 3-4-5 meters (Action Tower, Iceberg, Swing, Slide), which is quite considerable even for an adult.

In addition to the above, if majority of your visitors are adults, or you would like to create an extreme park for adults, it is recommended that you design a water sports park including higher elements (as well). These special parks will have wider access areas, 3.6 meters wide instead of 2 meters, and the sports elements will have extreme height as well: 5-6-7 meters, so climbing upon them, jumping down, or using the slide will require endurance, physical strength, and to be brave. Of course, the installation of such park will require much bigger mandatory water depth!!!

In addition to the modules, you can add individual games to the water sports fun park. Such additional game items can be located in the park area, or outside, in which case they could be accessed by swim. Such game items could be Iceberg, Water Whoosh Slide, Totter Slide, Saturn Rocker, Water Totter A-B-C, Water Roller. 2 to 15 people can use each game unit outside the park. This is an ideal solution for visitors needing more privacy, which can reduce the crowd at peak times significantly.

The Lifeguard Tower is a key component of the park, which needs to be installed near the largest slides and the Action Tower, since they need to be in close proximity to the staff to monitor high risks. Larger parks will require an addition staff of 1-2 people as watchers, keeping an eye on the high volume areas of the park.

The Lounge is also an important part of the park, since this area will provide a place to relax in the shade when getting tired during the game, plus provide a location for visitors queuing up for the next game without disturbing other players.

Based on the above information, you can design your own water sports fun park. Of course we will help you along the way. You will only need to provide us with the following information: size of available water surface, targeted age group, your financial budget, color scheme selected (game units needed), and our staff will design your perfect water park based on our previous experience. If you wish to order an extreme size water sports fun park, please let us know!