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The inflatable water sports fun park is made of 0.9 mm PVC tarpaulin. The metal parts required for attachment and fixating are stainless steel. All necessary tools required for the park’s installation and operation can be ordered. E.g. electric pump, manual pump, flexible rope, fixing straps, ropes, screws to fix to the ground, life vests. A park with the size of approximately 35×30 meter, and with a capacity of 100 people, is about 12m³ and 2600kg in delivery package.

The color scheme can be picked from a range of colors (click on the picture to enlarge).


The park is made of modules, comprising various game and sports units, with connecting pathways. Individual game units are also available, which can be positioned within or outside the park water surface, (e.g. Iceberg, Water Totter A-B-C, Saturn Rocker, Water Roller, Water Whoosh Slide, Totter Slide), so can be accessed by swim.

An open water park can be accessed by walk (in case of shallow water, pier, swimming pier) or by swim, if the water is deep. Parks located further away from the shore can possibly be accessed by boats running hourly, jet-ski, or banana water boats operated by a motor boat. Getting on board is possible via ramp from the water, or via a docking station (larger welcome unit) if accessed from a pier or boat.

The park is a module based system, with possible extensions or updates at any future time, all components are compatible.

Main considerations when choosing your park:

Key considerations: water depth, your financial budget, size of the water surface available, expected age group of visitors and planned capacity.

Minimum water depth: easy to calculate: product height + average human height (180 cm) divided by two. E.g. Action Tower height is 3m, so 3m plus 1.8m divided by 2 equal 2.4 meter. This means that a 3 m high Action Tower should only be picked, if you have at least 2.4 meter water depth underneath the Action Tower. Of course water depth can be lower for other units of the park. The mandatory minimum height for each unit can be found in the price list.

Budget: major cost items:

  1. purchase price.
  2. installation costs (purchase price and installation of an electric pump required to inflate and deflate the park – flexible ropes needed to fix the park into position – concrete blocks or screws to fix the park to the ground).
  3. purchase of the mandatory number of life vests.

Water surface: if the water surface available for use is limited, the size of the safety zone limited by buoys need to be considered at the planning stage.

Visitor age group: a major consideration for a perfectly planned park is the expected age of visitors.  Even the smallest size park has a minimum age limit of 6 years. Given that major changes can occur even in a few years in the case of children, body size can vary significantly in the age group of 6 to 14, and the same applies to age group 14 to 20. Provided that a single park is planned to be installed for all age groups, you have to select the units and attachments, and their location within the park very carefully.

Capacity of the park (number of people using the park simultaneously) depends on park size.  A smaller park containing 5-7 game units, requires a space of 25×15 meter, and can house up to 35 people. A larger park with 15-18 game units, requiring a space of 40×35 meter, can entertain up to 100 people.

As indicated above, planning a park suitable for all requirements and to be profitable  requires careful planning, especially for a first time order, given that sales can only be estimated, therefore below we provide a comparative analysis of a small (5-7 game units) and a large (15-20 game units) park, to help you make your decision.


Normal size parks Strengths Weaknesses
Smaller park (5-7 game units) Lower purchase price Lower entry ticket price
Smaller space required Smaller number of game units
Smaller staff May not be that attractive
Difficulty to pick the right game units
Can become boring quickly
Can house smaller number of people (30-40)
Applies for both Each park can be extended or enlarged at any future time
Easy installation
Easy maintenance
Low energy requirement
Larger size park (15-20 game items) Higher ticket price Higher purchase price
Larger number of game options Need for larger space
Very attractive, even for 50-150 km distance Larger staff
Larger publicity, even in media
Customers spread the news to friends
Won’t get boring, customers might return
Novelty factor even several hours of use
Attractive size, tempting for people watching
Can house 80-150 people simultaneously

Licences, installation, operation:

Installation of the park will require licensing. Licensing will be different in each country. Our company will supply the necessary documentation, e.g. park design, manufacturer certificate, evidencing that the water sports park manufactured complies with the strictest safety requirements. The European standard label is EN-15649, which is displayed on each unit, together with the warning sign for safe use.


Given that each water sports park has unique features, depending on individual customer requirements, our company will carry out a quality inspection by TÜV-SÜD quality insurance company, a well known and respected company worldwide, following installation, and the certificate  will be issued to the customer. This certificate is acknowledged by all authorities.


Based on our experiences, you will need to submit the documentation to the local council, then to the local water or port regulatory authorities, and you will receive a permission to install and operate the park. We strongly suggest that you evaluate the authorization procedure prior to purchasing the product, for your benefit!

Installation of the water sports fun park (according to the installation manual attached) is done by the customer, however for parks purchased from our company (with a value above EUR 50,000) our company will provide free-of-charge first installation within the EU (plus Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia).  Even for the free installation service, the “pre-installation” part (purchase and installation of the concrete blocks or screws to fix to the ground) is a liability of the customer, however can be negotiated. Installation of a larger park (40×35) will require about 6-8 hours for a team of 6 people.

On top of this, within the EU (plus Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia) we offer free delivery!

After first inflation, the park will require no regular inflation, however, air pressure needs to be checked several times per day.  For this we supply a pressure meter, an electric pump to replace lost pressure, and a manual pump for smaller quantities of air replacement.

It is recommended that you request the customers to sign a so called Disclaimer, stating that customers will use the product in full compliance with the safety instructions, and the operator refuses any liability for injuries. In case of children, the parent or accompanying adult should sign the disclaimer. It is recommended to oblige customers to wear a life vest!


After installation, there is no need for special maintenance, apart from regular air pressure tests. Possible injuries (very rare) caused by low air pressure can be easily fixed with the fixing toolkit following the instructions of the manual.

At the time of disassembly at the end of the season, it is recommended to clean the units with high water pressure, and only package when completely dry.

Warranty: we provide a 2-year warranty for proper usage.

Average lifespan of a park will depend on the location, and daily use, e.g. frequent large waves might result in a damage or tear in the fixing rings. When used at maximum capacity each day, of course faster amortization will occur.  Therefore, a 4-6 year lifespan is estimated.

Entry fee suggestions (possible fee structures): of course several options are available,

Daily interim periods can be defined, e.g.

  • 30 minutes: 5 EUR (this is suggested for parks with minimal usage time and small number of game units (2-5)
  • 1 hour: 8 EUR
  • 2 hours: 12 EUR
  • 1 day: 22 EUR

Another option to use daily tickets: e.g. 1 day: 20 EUR

Prices will depend on park size and the park’s geographical location!

You can design your desired water fun park including the units listed in the price list. Of course we will help you during the whole process, you just need to provide us with the following information: size of available water surface, visitor’s age group, your budget, selected color scheme, (game units you want), and our staff will design the water park perfect for your requirements, based on our vast experience.