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Introduction: Open Water Sports Fun Park – General Overview, click here.

Water sports fun parks designed to attract a large group of visitors require a major investment (EUR 50,000-100,000), and should be properly evaluated.  The major considerations should be: liquidity issues, risks attached, uncertainty about park size and utilization, confidence in your distributor, and other issues, which may hold you back from ordering a park from our company, although you think it would be a great idea to operate a water park.

If you have a suitable water surface to install a water sports fun park, in a high traffic area, where the actual season is a minimum 3-month consecutive period, we offer you an opportunity to rent a park from us, which requires no upfront investment, triggers no risks, and based solely on sales revenue.

During the rental period, you will operate the water sports fun park supplied by us on an authorized water surface, using our know-how, with possible pre-agreed adjustments.

The rental fee will be equal to 50% of the gross sales revenue from ticket sales!  

Your liabilities:

  • own and operate a corporate entity
  • present a suitable location with a high traffic shore (protected from wind, and low waves, if possible)
  • obtain all licenses required for the installation and operation of the water sports park, based on the documentation supplied by us
  • continuous operation of the park, based on the know-how supplied by us
  • carry out smaller, pre-agreed maintenance
  • provide staff required for safe operations (approximately 4 people)
  • provide a facility, tent, or ticket office with roof, protected from sun, of a size of approximately 10 m2 on the shore
  • cover the operational costs (rent of the on-shore service facility and of the water surface, wages and wage costs of staff)
  • provide safe storage for life vests after opening hours
  • provide overnight security for the park, by hiring an overnight security guard
  • pay due rental fees on time, and in full
  • enable checks and reviews carried out by our staff
  • upon the end of the season or termination of the contact, return all tools and life vests supplied by LONIV Kft in connection with the water sports park (fixating, maintenance, operations, fixing).

Liabilities of LONIV Kft:

  • provide the documentation required to license the water sports park
  • deliver the sports park to the location, installation and fixation
  • supply all information required for safe operation and maintenance
  • supply tools required for air pressure checks and air replacement
  • supply all information and tools required for possible fixing needs
  • supply the number and size of life vests required for the operations
  • supply entry tickets (wrist tapes) required, based on which settlement will be made
  • provide solution to problems arising during operations requiring professional help
  • at the end of the season, or upon termination of the contract, disassembly and removal of the water sports park and its fixtures

Upon the end of the season, or upon termination of the contract you will have the right to enter into a new contract with us, to order a new water sports park, or buy the water sports park already installed in your facility at a favorable price!

If you like our offer, please complete the application form and send it back to us. We will check your application form in a few working days and get back to you via e-mail.