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Introduction: Open Water Fun Parks – General Overview, please click here.

The key criteria to consider when designing a pool fun park are: available pool size and water depth. If you have access to the whole pool, a safety zone needs to be created around the water fun park, with a 3 meter safety gap. Accordingly, for a 50×25 meter pool, you can design a 44×19 meter park. When selecting the game units, you need to consider the minimum mandatory water depth set for each unit.

In cases when you have no access to a whole pool, the park needs to be separated with safety buoys, placed 3 meters away from the park edges.

Pool fun parks are recommended for school swimming classes, given that even with a few units you can build an interesting and exciting obstacle course, which helps to make the children comfortable with water, enhances their balance, discipline, and problem solving skills. You can assemble circular or parallel units, suitable for championships.  We assure you, swimming class will be the most popular class from now on with your students! Installation of a fun park designed for school pools will take about 30 minutes for a team of 3-4 people.

You can fix the park to the pool starting blocks, the dividing ropes, or to the walls of the pool by suction cups.

Pool fun park units can also be marketed to family-friendly hotels, as an auxiliary service. Or to pool operators who see a business opportunity with this product. Such business opportunity could be for example a week-end water fun park for children, possibly attracting hundreds of parents and children to the pool, when children can enjoy their time playing and doing sports, while the parents can use the sauna or jacuzzi. A suitable entry fees is indicated by the EUR 3-5 hourly fees charged by fun parks.

You can select your own water fun park from the units included in the price list.  Of course we will help you along the way, you just need to provide us with the following information: available water surface, proposed age group, your financial budget, selected color scheme, (selected game units), and our staff will design your perfect water fun park. Please indicate if you are interested in a pool fun park!