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Installation Manual for water sports park used in pools

  1. Bring each unit to the pool side.
  2. Unpack each unit, and open the valve lid (Picture A).
  3. Attach the nozzle into the valve, press it in, and screw it in place turning clockwise. Start the pump to inflate the unit. 230 V will be needed (Picture B).


  1. When fully inflated, please turn off the pump, then unscrew the pump from the valve turning it anti-clockwise (then please check the pressure): 0,05-0,07 bar. Put the lid back. (Picture C).
    Note: 90% of the units are provided with a safety deflation valve. Units without such safety device need to be inflated to levels similar to other items (0,05-0,07 bar.)
  2. After all units are inflated, place them on the water, near the shore, and attach them to each other, according to the park design documentation. Use the “D” rings and the fixating belts provided, which you can find at the bottom of each unit (please also see Pictures 3-4-5-6).

Picture 1.


Picture 2.


Picture 3.


Picture 4.


Picture 5.


Picture 6.

  1. When the units are connected, cover the joining part with a velcro tape flap. (Picture 7-8).

Picture 7.


Picture 8.

  1. Pull /push the park to its final position, and fixate it with the help of the flexible ropes to the pool’s starting blocks, to the dividing ropes, or to the pool walls via suction cups.
  2. Keep a minimum 3 meter safety gap from the pool edges and make sure you meet the mandatory water depth requirement set for each unit!!!

Disassembly, deflation

Unlock the park by releasing the fixating ropes. Push and pull the park, as required, to the pool edges. Separate the units and put them next to the pool. If needed, clean the units with high water pressure, and use a cleaning substance. Please make sure all sides of the park are fully dry!!!

After this:

  1. Open the valve lid.
  2. Adjust the pump deflation attachment into the valve, and screw it in place by turning clockwise. Start the pump to deflate.
  3. When the item is fully deflated, and fully dry, wrap it up and put it into the storage bag.

Fixing (fixing material and glue is part of the kit).

If your product got damaged by a sharp object and is leaking, please fix it following the below instructions:

  • Locate the leakage. If it cannot be seen, cover it with soapy water, and the bubbles will indicate where the leakage is.
  • Cut a piece of fixing material to match the size of the damage (it needs to cover the hole fully).
  • Dry and clean the damaged surface completely. Remove all water or pollution from the surface.
  • Spread the glue over both the fixing material and the damaged material.
  • When the glue is appr. 90% dry (no longer sticky when you touch it), press it onto the damaged surface.
  • Heat up the damaged area with a hair dryer (appr. 1500W). The heat should be adjusted to 60-70 °C. Use a putty knife to even out (Picture 9) moving one direction, to make sure that no air bubble or crease is left.

Picture 9.

Safety Rules

All players must wear a life vest during the game.

Water depth should be maintained at the minimum water depth requirement at all times! Minimum water depth: can be easily calculated: product height + average human height (180 cm) divided by two.   E.g.: Action Tower height is 3m, so 3m plus 1.8m divided by 2 equal 2.4 meter.

You will need to employ a staff to watch and enforce proper use of the game items in line with the requirements.

Players should refrain from wearing hair clips, watch, necklace, ankle chain, ring, or other sharp objects. People with heart problems and high blood pressure are not allowed to use the game facilities.